Welcome Students, Parents, Family and Friends!

This page is going to be dedicated to helping our students learn all of the things that they need to know throughout their martial arts careers. There will be advice regarding how to perform a good kata as well as sparring tips as well as information on what you will need to know for belt promotions.

The first section is going to cover some of the basics. Things like what a jab, palm heel, front kick and such should look like. At the end will be videos showing both Sensei Cody and Cory performing katas that will need to be learned in order to promote.

Here you will find a slide show with a breakdown of some of the basics such as a jab, reverse punch, back fist as well as kicks such as side kick and round house.

The following are short clips of Sensei Cory performing various strikes such as a ridge hand or a kick such as a crescent kick.

Here you will find Sensei Cory’s Basics:

Here you will find links to the Sensei’s performing the individual katas that will need to be learned for each belt rank. The first set is Sensei Cody.

The following links will take you to Sensei Cory performing each kata.