Summer Self Defense

This summer Self Defense Classes are available. These classes are open to everyone who is interested. There will be 2 One Hour Sessions available upcoming in September.  The cost is $45 per person. These classes will be a great opportunity to learn how to defend yourself in various situations and will provide you with techniques to get yourself out of any given situation. Space is limited so if you have questions or concerns or you would like to reserve your spot please call or come in today! 

Private Classes

Sensei Cody Glover and Instructors Cory and Larry Glover are available to teach private classes by appointment only. These classes are 1 hour long  and are $25 per hour. During that session there are many things that can be worked on from basics and kick drills to sparring and kata. These classes can be beneficial for many reasons: to prepare for testing, to prepare for competition or if you or your child just might need some extra time. If you would like more information about private classes, or to schedule you or your child's private class, please see Jan Overcash.

Birthday Parties

We are booking birthday parties at the dojo! If you are not currently enrolled in the school you will receive a certificate for one free month of karate lessons. The guest of honor is allowed to bring as many as 25 guests, each of which will receive 2 free classes! You will also receive 1 hour with either Sensei Cody Glover or Sensei Cory Glover.

Please bring your own food. Small decorations and party favors are permitted. We ask that you do not bring in any alcohol or weapons.

If you are interested in celebrating your child's birthday with us please call or come in for pricing and availability.

Book your party today by calling 828-551-8382.